In Memoriam

Julian A. Weinberg, M.D.

1934 — 2012

Arthur, after retiring from his practice as an emergency psychiatrist,
three times a week spent his mornings studying the art of fencing.

Arthur's preferred weapon was the saber

Like all serious students of the art of fencing, Arthur knew he would never achieve mastery.
Like all fencers worthy of the name, he carried on nevertheless.

At seventy-seven years of age, Arthur was undergoing chemotherapy
and endured three hours of renal dialysis three times a week.

Dr. Julian A. Weinberg; friend to La Spada Nemica for nineteen years.

"I am sure going to miss him." — Michael Albrecht, Bremen, Germany

"Art, the only fencer I have ever fenced who never, ever retreated." — Charles Hargrove, El Cerrito, Ca.

"I wish Mr Arthur would have sweet and pleasant dreams forever...." — Glacier White, Marin County, Ca.

"May Mr. Weinberg rest in peace." — Winnie Lee, young student Chadson Lui's mother, Tiburon, CA.

"I know he tremendously enjoyed fencing and it was terrific that he was able to fence until the end." — Neal Benowitz, M.D., Mill Valley, CA.

"I was always impressed with the courage and class of Dr. Weinberg , and wish all the comfort and serenity possible for his family and friends. " — Richard Lowry, Novato, CA

"Dr. Weinberg was a true mensch, a dedicated fencer, and a great friend to everyone in the school." — James Hollingsworth, San Francisco, CA

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