La Spada Nimica's Annual Bloodbath and Barbecue


Toward the end of every summer the classical fencing school, La Spada Nimica, hosts its yearly "Bloodbath and Barbecue, " an event that brings the school's students, parents and friends together for a day of light-hearted indulgence in cut, thrust and parry. This year the school honored one of its long-standing members, Dr. Arthur Weinburg. "Arthur," as the school's fencers know him, is a psychiatrist by profession, but has also been a fencer for five decades. The school's master admits that while Dr. Weinburg does not rank among his most skillful swordsmen, he nevertheless has been among the school's most enthusiastic, indomitable and supportive members. He also acknowledges that Dr. Weinburg is among the very, very few who on occasion attacks with a ballestra.

Below is a pictorial record of the 2007 Blood Bath and Barbecue.

Like those once attending ancient Rome's gladiatorial games, visitors attending La Spada Nimica's annual "Bloodbath and Barbecue" look on as family members and friends cross swords.

Due Spadacchini

Cut and thrust in saber.

Sciabola (saber)
Michael Albrecht e James Hollingsworth

Sciabolata dritta alla testa (Direct cut to the head)

The school's master converses with a fencer's spouse.

Introduction to a saber lesson.

Jack Hardiman delivers a point thrust at saber.

Young Jack's father gets to see his son go through the paces.

Introductory address for the day's unsuspecting member of honor.

A surprised Dr. Weinberg accepts his award for his "ever-youthful enthusiasm, indomitable spirit and many years of steadfast support."

Arthur takes a bow.

La famiglia di "La Spada Nimica"

Dr. Arthur Weinberg - Fencer