Hours, Contact Information, Location

La Spada Nemica operates Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 A.M. to twilight. Because the facility is situated outdoors, students should dress as weather dictates. In the face of inclement weather, lessons must be cancelled. If rain threatens, students are advised to consult this site's weather page, or to telephone the school shortly before coming to check on local weather conditions.

To inquire further, or to schedule a fencing lesson call

Contact can also be made by e-mail at fencing@franklurz.com


La Spada Nemica is located at:

2545 Topaz Drive
Novato, CA 94945

As you approach the vicinity of 2545 (address numbers are painted on the curb), look for a blue-gray house with white window trim.

Look for the schools crest of arms.

The crest is affixed to the center of the gate in front of the house.
At the gate's upper right corner is a cord. A tug on the cord will open the gate.

Take the brick path to the glass hallway and follow the arbour to the rear of the house.