The School's Fencing Master

Frank Lurz, Maestro di Scherma

Fencing instructors in the United States who teach in the schools typically have been gym or physical education teachers, most of whom have had little, if any, fencing experience. In addition, those who teach fencing in most American fencing clubs are fencers with various levels of experience who attempt to teach others what they know, but who have had no training specifically directed toward the teaching of fencing. In Europe the figure who for centuries has been acknowledged as the expert in fencing instruction is the fencing master. Genuine fencing masters go through years of difficult training to become fencing teachers, possess a complete understanding of fencing theory and technique and possess specialized pedagogical skills. To receive their masters diplomas, they must pass a series of rigorous examinations governed by a commission of certified fencing masters who determine whether candidates are qualified.

This school's fencing master, Maestro Frank Lurz, has been teaching fencing in Marin County, California since 1990 and has taught at the recreation centers of Mill Valley, San Anselmo, Belvedere and Sausalito. He now teaches at his private residence in Mill Valley. From 1996 through 2004 he was assistant director of the Fencing Masters Training Program at San Jose State University and served as a member of the program's board of examiners. This board has included two presidents of the Italian Fencing Master's Association, Maestri Giovanni Toran and Niccolo Perno, and its Vice Presidents, Maestri Saverio Crisci and Enzo Musumeci Greco, all of whom have been members of the examining board of the Accademia Nazionale di Scherma (National Academy of Fencing, located in Naples, Italy). Maestro Lurz is a colleague of Maestro William Gaugler, author of "The Science of Fencing" and "The History of Fencing" and is a member in good standing of the Associazione Italiana Maestri di Scherma.

Maestro Lurz, working with students as assistant director of the Fencing Masters Training Program at San Jose State Universuity

Today, many new fencers eager to achieve quick success as competitors think to do so by taking shortcuts. Learning a few effective "tricks," they often enter competition soon after their first lessons, but unfortunately, long before they are well enough prepared. A strict classicist, Maestro Lurz advocates the development of the "complete" fencer. He considers a foundation of technical excellence to be pivotal and a complete knowledge of fencing theory indispensable to mastery of the art.

Maestro Lurz is a member in good standing of the
Italian Fencing Masters Association

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